Meet Alex

With years of experience as a Personal Trainer and a Licensed Massage Therapist. I am very passionate about Health and Wellness and enjoy using my knowledge in both fields to help others.

I graduated with honors from both the Fortis Institute and Institute of Therapeutic Massage with studies in Personal Training, Exercise Science and Massage Therapy. I hold certifications through the American Council of Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist.This then lead me to the Institute of Motion where I completed a mentorship program as a Level 2 Premier Professional with studies in Movement, Regeneration and Physiology. Some of my other training modalities include TRX, ViPR and Animal Flow as well as a being certified boxing coach through USA Boxing,training both amateur and pro boxers.

My specialization is Functional Training, Primal Movement, Corrective Exercise and Strength and Conditioning but being a former amateur boxer and Golden Gloves Champion I like to add boxing to the mix of my training programs.

“The value and respect I have for the human body and its function is what motivates me in making a difference in people’s lives”. “ When you take care of yourself in a holistic manner including mind, body and soul then the quality of life is in the palm of your hands. With the skills and insights that I teach my clients I can help them have a happier, healthier and more functional life in a comfortable and positive environment.

General Manager