NBD Training Zone

Are you ready to enter the ZONE? NBD’s signature Training Zone is what we truly believe fitness is all about. Once you step into the facility you instantly become energized by what it stands for: Dynamic Motion. We here at NBD Training Zone believe that “Fitness is Life” and “Life is Motion”. Fitness doesn’t require large pieces of stationary equipment, massive treadmills or bench presses. All that it truly requires is your body to be in motion. The more complex the motion, the higher the intensity, the more fit you become. Not to mention, the most calories burned. NBD believes in delivering real results and the NBD Training Zone is where it begins.

In the NBD Training Zone you will push, pull, squat, jump, lunge, swing, flip, sprint and slam your way to real results. These movements are so complex and challenging that they burn up to ten times the calories of just lifting weights or just being on a treadmill. Imagine getting in the best shape of your life doing movements that are completely natural and so effective at enhancing fitness levels. NBD’s Training Zone is the answer for anyone who is looking to take their fitness to the next level while simultaneously sculpting their body like never before. Functional Training targets all areas of fitness: Cardiovascular, Strength, Power, Coordination and Flexibility. With functional training you can feel confident in knowing that you are getting a total body burn each and every workout.

Our array of Fitness Professionals is unmatched in the industry. With top notch National Certifications and over 150 years of combined experience our Fitness Professionals are ready to take you to the next level. One special feature that our NBD Fitness Professionals have over all other fitness professionals is that they actually have a facility that pertains to their training style and education.

NBD Training Zone combines high-energy group classes with top-notch personal training to create the “SMARTrain” system which is based on five key components necessary for success: Structure, Motivation, Accountability, Results-Oriented and Time-Efficiency. As you can see, we are focused on the items that are necessary for anyone with real goals to change their fitness level and of course their LIFE. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their goals and that is why we have created a program that utilizes top fitness professionals to serve and coach you every single workout. Instead of offering a high priced service to the few, we created a rock solid program that offers you unmatched individualized service, amazing support and tremendous results. The “SMARTrain” system is your ticket to guaranteed results!!