Brie Infante

Personal Training Client

About a year ago my friend asked me to try a new gym out that she just started going to and LOVED. I am a huge fan of working out, love to run and do HIIT type of routines, and am super active, so I figures sure, why not? Another HUGE reason to join was that I was getting married in 8 months and needed to look better than ever for that white dress! 🙂 Well, from the very first day I not only felt comfortable and excited, but wanted to join. With most things I want, I typically think things over, but with this it was a no brainer. Antonio made me feel comfortable, listened to what I wanted to achieve instead of just trying to create his own goals for me, and created a program that was meant for me. Antonio is able to take any exercise and differentiate it to meet your goals, body, level, and on top of all of that he puts safety first. Also it helps that he is truly there to do his job and BE THERE for you…he isn’t that stereo typical “creepy” trainer that is eyeing you up and down or saying comments to make you feel uncomfortable. If he is looking at you it’s to come up with a routine to help you achieve your goals OR to see/tell you the progress you have made!

After 8 months, I can tell you from hard work, having a friend AND trainer in one who makes sure I stay committed and dedicated to my goals, that I reached my goal weight and felt AMAZING on my wedding day. I have been so successful that I have created new goals that I never thought I would be able to achieve before this. The picture below has my before and after pictures of my wedding dress. The LEFT SIDE is the day that the dress came in. It was a size 12, and as you can see it fit me pretty decent. The RIGHT SIDE is the second alteration with ALL the pins to take INCHES OFF OF MY DRESS, which in the end I needed to get FOUR alterations done because of how many inches I lost. I ended as a size 6ish!!! I say 6ish because the chest area is the only portion of the dress that is about a size 8. You can see the difference in not only my waist and hip area, but my back and arms as well. I look forward to going to work out, even get annoyed when I can’t make it, and I have never felt like that in my life!

 Loyal member since 2014

Christina Kelly

Personal Training Client

Hi, My name is Christina Kelly and I have been working with Antonio Somma for about 2 months. His workouts are creative, innovative, and tough to say the least. He is really attentive, aware of your form, and modifies workouts for achieve your goals. I have been taking his High intensity Resistance Training classes one time per week, as well as his boot camp. Every class is a new challenge. Over the course of two months, I have lost 7lbs and dropped about 2 % body fat.

 Loyal member since 2015

Joan Melroy

Personal Training Client

I have been working with Alex Vasquez since NBD opened its doors several years ago. Alex is the most passionate and educated personal trainer I have ever encountered. He took the time to get to know me as an individual and has customized my training sessions so that they focus on my specific goals and areas of strength and weakness. My training with Alex has always been centered on a holistic approach – we work on strength, balance, stamina, mobility and stability. Alex’s knowledge is vast and his use of a wide variety of training tools and methods makes our training sessions challenging, varied, fun and productive.

Last fall, I came to Alex with a new goal. My daughter invited me to join her in Arizona to hike in the Grand Canyon. To see the Grand Canyon was one of my bucket list items…to hike it seemed rather daunting. I had five months to train before my trip so Alex created a game plan that would have me ready to go. I worked hard for the next five months.

I had a final training session with Alex on the morning of my departure to Arizona. All of my doubts and those “what if” scenarios were bubbling in my brain. Alex simply told me that I was ready for this adventure…I had trained well and hard.

It turns out Alex was right! During the ten-mile hike (five miles down followed by five miles back up), I silently thanked Alex for putting me through the thousands of squats and lunges that he so easily worked into each of our training sessions. All of the moves that challenged my balance and were designed to engage my core and improve my stability enabled me to navigate the rocky trail. The agility exercises that I really enjoy doing also helped me with coordination, body awareness and stamina during the hike. It isn’t an easy hike but I was ready and determined to push through the challenging parts. Not only did I reach my goal of completing it but also I shared an amazing experience with my daughter!

I truly believe that I couldn’t have done this without Alex’s patience, guidance and expertise!

 Loyal member since 2014

Matthew Deblock

Personal Training Client

I’ve been a member of NBD for almost two years now but it’s only in the last few months that I took full advantage of the facility’s services. Right from day one, I was drawn to NBD’s personalized feel. I appreciate the fact that each Large Group Training and Semi-Private Training class offers a unique workout. I spent the better part of two years taking three classes a week but I didn’t see big results until I matched my workouts with an improved diet.

By working with one of the trainers, I restructured my diet and lost thirty pounds in a little over three months. Alex took the time to review my diet log, offered easy fixes and practical suggestions for fitting healthy meals into a busy schedule and monitored my progress. Alex showed me new ways to work out more efficiently, burn calories and build lean muscle to supplement the three or four group training classes I take each week. The results have been tremendous. I shed the weight, developed a high protein diet that gives me more energy and feel more confident than ever.

 Loyal member since 2014

Meghan Kempfe

Personal Training Client

I have always considered myself an athlete, having played and coached competitive soccer from a very young age, and I even received personal training for a few years in my early twenties. Regardless of how much weight I wanted to lose, how strong I wanted to be, or how fit my coaches required me to be, no gym, fitness program, or trainer could get me to make working out consistently a habit, never mind enjoyable. Naturally, everyone wants to see immediate results, and it is so easy to give up when we don’t “see” the changes quickly.

A high school friend referred me to Antonio Somma at NBD about a year ago and I figured I would just try it out. Upon entering the gym, I immediately felt at home. Toni and I first did an assessment of my measurements and then got right to work. I could tell this was not just his job – training truly is his passion. The trainers I worked with in the past had me utilize workouts that worked for them. Antonio was unbelievably knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition, and injuries, and picked workouts that were best for my body, not his. He definitely pushed me to my limits, but in a fun and positive manner. He wants you to get results because he sees your failures as his failures. I have never felt uncomfortable or bored, and Antonio also does his best to make sure you are getting the most for your money. If your session is for thirty minutes, he will make sure you never train for just twenty-nine. I have lost count of the number of times he has come in early or stayed late to try to accommodate my schedule. During his “free” time, you’ll see him researching workouts online or new approaches to stretching on YouTube.

Needless to say, working out has finally become a habit for me and I actually enjoy it. It was also such an awesome feeling to see my weight loss and toning results so quickly. However, even if I didn’t see them, I felt them. My clothes fit better, I was sleeping better, I was more energized, and even more focused at work. While I think all of the trainers at NBD are awesome, I constantly brag about Antonio because he is such a warm-hearted, funny, and hard-working person. If you want to actually look forward to going to the gym and see and feel results, I would recommend without hesitation, training with Toni because he cannot help but transfer his passion for health and exercise on to you.

 Loyal member since 2014

Pete Melroy

Personal Training Client

The best word to describe my training experience with Alex would be to say it has been transformative.

I was reaching a point in my life where from a physical fitness point of view, what I thought I should be able to do was different from what I could do. I was going to the ‘big box’ gym regularly like a lot of folks do but was not getting the results I wanted. Do the same old work out routine was kind of boring.

Alex changed all that for me. Instead of sit ups and crunches, he taught me how to achieve the same benefit from incorporating animal flow movements into my workout. Instead of running mindlessly on a treadmill, he taught me how to jump rope and run step patterns on a exercise ladder. He is helping me achieve better coordination and timing thru boxing.

One of the greatest gifts Alex brings to the table is creativity. My sessions with him are NEVER boring. He’s shown me that the simplest objects ( ie. a bean bag, a piece of rope, your own body weight) can be MORE EFFECTIVE and FUN to use in maintaining physical fitness than high priced machinery.

He’s shown me a path which breaks down the barrier between what I want to do physically and what I can do!!!

 Loyal member since 2014

Makenzie Cox

Personal Training Client

My journey to a healthier me started in 2014 when I participated in the 30 day Isagenix cleanse and lost both pounds and inches that I had struggled with in the past. Afterwards, I came to realize that I wasn’t as concerned about a number on a scale, but what I really wanted to focus on was improving my strength, appearance, and endurance. When discussing these concerns with my best friend, she mentioned that her cousin, Caitlin Braun, was a trainer at NBD in Morristown. She suggested that I go to NBD and see what all the buzz was about, and to see if perhaps this gym would be the right fit for me. Turns out, I was the perfect fit for me and I joined the same day.
Although it has only been two months since I joined NBD, it has been an exciting journey and the best two months I could have ever imagined. I honestly could not be happier! Caitlin Braun has been my personal trainer since I joined, and I can already see the results of her guidance! Caitlin always makes sure that I have good form and that I am doing the workout to the best of my ability. In turn, this helps me get the best possible return on my workouts. Caitlin is incredibly knowledgeable and informative – she explains the workouts, the goals, and the results that I should expect. She is always encouraging and motivating me to do better and makes me want to go the extra mile.

I also attend a lot of Large Group Training classes at NBD with Caitlin and several other of the trainers. NBD offers so many various Large Group Training classes, and you can choose based on what is best for you! All the trainers are approachable and genuinely care about the members.

Thanks to Caitlin and everyone at NBD, I actually look forward to going to the gym and working out – sometimes I don’t want to leave! If you are serious about making a change in your life and becoming a better, healthier you; there is no better place to go to than NBD Morristown. With NBD’s phenomenal trainers, energetic atmosphere and positive attitudes, you will be able to accomplish any goal you set your mind to.

 Loyal member since 2015

Martha Portilla

Personal Training Client

My journey to health has been long and challenging. I had lost some weight but knew I needed to do something different to achieve my goal. I was reluctant to walk into any gym because I was self-conscious and afraid of judgement. I have to say from the very first time I walked into NBD Morristown the atmosphere was completely different than any other gym. The trainers were approachable, knowledgeable and seemed to genuinely care about the members. I decided to join. I have to say my experience at NBD Morristown thus far has been exceptional. I love all the classes. I love that they introduce new classes to keep the workouts fresh and keep you on your toes. I want to take this moment to acknowledge Sang Park. He has been my personal trainer for a year and I have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt healthier, stronger or more confident. Sang’s professionalism, enthusiasm and knowledge is proven by his clients’ results. His quiet encouragement pushes you to achieve goals that I had not thought possible. He works the whole person, mentally, emotionally and physically. I now can walk into the gym, face the mirror (without cringing) and with complete confidence lift weights or do just about anything. If you are serious about changing your life for the better give NBD Morristown and one of their phenomenal trainers a try and you will achieve success to a new healthier lifestyle.

 Loyal member since 2014

Susan Lieberman

Personal Training Client

About fourteen months ago I went with my neighbor, who is a member of NBD Morristown, to tour the facility. I went with an open mind, but with the mental baggage of expecting a typical gym. I had been there , done that, and frankly that was why I had experienced burn out and boredom at the gym I used to belong to.

For the last nine years, my exercise routine was reduced to lively walks with my dog after work. My neighbor had been telling me about classes she was taking at the gym, but what really got me interested was the description of her personal training sessions So, last July I went with a “semi-open” mind to possibly give it a try.

I guess I went with many questions because I spoke with Jose` for more than an hour. I wanted to make a promise to myself to commit to a healthier lifestyle, and I wanted the “fit” to be right over the long haul. After touring NBD, watching a class, getting my questions answered, I decided that it could be a good fit.

Now fourteen months later, I feel as though I have achieved many of my goals. I had signed up for unlimited classes and four personal training sessions per month. I wanted to increase my strength and stamina, have better balance and form when exercising, loose weight and tone. By combining the classes with the personal training, I am getting closer to acheiving my personal goals.

I believe a vital key component to achieving your goals is Personal Training, without a doubt. With the guidance and support of a trainer, you learn correct form so that you can gain maximum results and reduce the chance of injury. My trainer is Sang Park. Sang is a motivator for the body, and the mind. He stresses the importance of very healthy eating and regular exercise. He constantly introduces new exercises, new ways to train. Boredom…same old, same old… been there, done that…no way! Sang listens to his clients, adapting a custom exercise routine specifically designed to address his client’s goals.

Thank you NBD for providing an atmosphere of positive inspiration! Challenging classes, knowledgable guidance, and nutritional support are the pillars to physical and mental well being. Thank you for addressing the “whole person”, no matter their ability, their strengths or weaknesses. A true partner in health and well being can be found in joining NBD!

 Loyal member since 2014

Andy Vann

Personal Training Client

I came to Alex Vazquez a broken man in many ways. I played a lot of basketball, but had given up swimming and weightlifting because my shoulder was giving me so much pain. In fact, I didn’t know how much longer I’d be able to play ball with my shoulder the way it was.

He saw right away what my problem was and started me on a rehab and stretching regimen that allowed me to be pain free again. He now has me doing things I never imagined I’d be able to do–Animal Flow for example–and is helping me stay active enough that I can play ball, swim, or do whatever I want pain free.

His passion and commitment to fitness and healthy living are truly inspirational and make me want to get better as much for him as I want to do it for myself. He’s my sensei.

NBD is the perfect setting for his approach to fitness and movement as well. State of the art equipment, certainly, and incredibly colorful and welcoming environment, but more importantly, there’s room for activities! With the open space and a newly available studio for Animal Flow, NBD is a place I look forward to coming to because I know that I will leave there a better, healthier person.

While I’m there, I might be grunting and sweating, but I always have a smile on my face. Alex, Jason, and the other trainers there are great mentors, and the other clients are inspirations as well. There’s something about a place where people are serious about getting healthier and enjoying themselves while doing it that is magical.

If you are in the Morristown area and are looking for a new gym, you should put these guys on the short list. Check it out and you’ll see great chances for personal growth that it provides. Thanks NBD, and especially thanks to Alex, for getting me where I want to go.

 Loyal member since 2014

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