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Why You Should Start A Fitness Program With A Friend

Forget about working out alone, gather some of your closest #friends for a #fitness program that will get you real results in just 40 days! Friends are there to help you get through tough and challenging times. Whether you had a stressful weak at work or if more »

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Top Tips For Staying In Shape Over The Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, it can be difficult to find time to fit in your workout. Whether you’re scrambling through the mall for Christmas presents, or the cold weather has you feeling less than motivated, staying in shape during the holidays can be the perfect jolt more »

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NBD 40: A Program Designed To Transform Your Life

Tired of hitting a plateau in your workouts? Sometimes it’s an extra push or different routine that makes all the difference in your results. At NBD Training Zone, we’ve designed a 40-day challenge with exactly this in mind…and it’s guaranteed to transform your life. This program hits more »

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We all have that one New Year’s resolution we challenge ourselves to accomplish: “I’m going to lose 10 pounds before the summer,” or “I’m going to cut back on eating out and start eating healthier.” Both are examples of great goals and can be accomplished, but why more »

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